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21 Dec



December 21, 2015 | By |

Life can be a chaotic mess sometimes, right? The struggle is real. It’s hard to slow down and notice the beauty in the world around us because we’re just trying to survive, to tame the to-do list and manage the schedules. I know you feel the tension. We all do … especially if you are a parent and especially this time of year.

Inspired by an eye-opening series at my church this month, here’s what I’d like to invite you to ponder this holiday season:


Children seem to radiate with something magical. Have you noticed? I believe it’s some fantastic concoction of pure joy mixed with sprinkles of hope and a large dose of wonder. It’s crazy beautiful. You were a child once and you had that exact same glow. Don’t you remember? I know it’s hard to recall, but look no further than the children in your life to help you.




I want you to listen. I want you to stop what you are doing right now (It’s most likely not as important as you think it is) and listen. Get down on the floor. Tickle them and roll around a little bit. Listen to the giggles. Listen to their stories and look into their little eyes. Look directly into those little eyes. Find out what’s important in their world and take it as seriously. Ask them questions and watch their little faces light up with joy when they realize their world is important to you. And you will notice something … something beautiful and profound. You will realize that children have something to teach us. They can see something that most grown-ups choose not to see anymore.

Children look at the world with awe and wonder.



Children see the things around us that we have allowed to become stale and ordinary. They see it in the smallest and most seemingly insignificant things. And they see the world from arguably the most unique perspective. They are fierce and free and they are reminding us of the astounding beauty that surrounds us everyday. Are you listening? As we grow older, the ability to stay young at heart is truly a strength. Wonder allows us to recognize that there is an artist at work in this world. It allows us to believe more deeply. Childlike wonder is something we all started with and we can keep it alive if we simply try.tfss-190b93f8-e8af-4351-aba8-c067389e8ccd-parseHighResMemoryTile


So as we enter this holiday season, I ‘m asking you to watch. Watch with the eyes of a child. What kind of beautiful and wonderful things are in your life? What are your kids helping you see?

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