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16 Jun


Why Littlehoots?

June 16, 2014 | By |

Littlehoots what and Littlehoots how.

with her Littlehoots Jett and Andi

Lacey with her Littlehoots Jett and Andi

Okay—by now you know that Littlehoots is a mobile app that allows you to capture memorable quotes that tumble out of the mouths of your kiddos, your grand-kiddos, your friend’s kiddos—words that you can save, along with photos, encased in a nicely designed Memory Tile. Created on the spot by you—yes, YOU—it’s that simple. They say it—you crack-up, tear-up, scrunch your eyes in disbelief—and, with a couple of clicks on your mobile device, you send it on its merry way to the archives of your camera roll, your social media of choice—and yes, your heart—for however long you want to keep it there. You can bet that twenty years down the road, those kiddos are going to look at these, roll their eyes, and say “no! C’mon—I didn’t say THAT…did I?”

Littlehoots why!!! [pay attention! :)]

Daddy Nate and And1

Daddy Nate and Andi

So. This is what you know [hopefully!] about Littlehoots—the “what” and the “how”. There is a part of our brains that can understand, process and articulate a fair number of facts and bits of information about any number of things—but there is another part that asks the question, “why?”, in the sense of “why is this so appealing, why does this matter to me?”. This makes things a little trickier, a little more difficult to articulate. I think it might have to do with the fact that, for the most part, as adults we have an intuitive emotional response to these “hoots” that is hard to define. We are connected to our families and friends as emotional beings which brings this natural response to the innocence with which “our” kids express themselves.  We can’t help but be drawn in with delight. This is our “why”.

Littlehoot meets littler-hoot!

Littlehoot meets littler-hoot!

You might ask “why” this would even matter to me, a single guy with no kids, no nieces or nephews, and obviously, no grand-kiddos. Well, let me tell you. As I mentioned above, the “friends” category is huge for me—they are my “family”. And yes, my “family’s” little ones say some pretty amazing stuff. One of my own very personal “why”s is all about the example of one new friend, Lacey Thomas Ellis—CEO and Founder of Littlehoots. This smart-as-a-whip wife [of Nate] and mom of two—Jett, coming up on five years and Andi, all of, as of today, ten DAYS old [!]—is the person, the living, breathing articulation of “why” Littlehoots. Jett Ellis, bless his little heart-:), has come out with some real winners of “hootable” quotes, the most memorable one being “look, Mommy! The moon is on!” which was the beginning of Lacey’s pursuit of her dream. She knew in her heart that this was only one of many  memorable quotes that would come out of this little guy’s mouth, as well as the mouths of countless other kiddos. That’s the “why” key—she was not just looking to preserve her own family’s story, but the stories of ALL families. It is truly her mission, it is that important to her—and now, to me as well.



That being said, as a company, Littlehoots is 100% committed to helping everyone, every family-[yes, we—everyone- are all part of a larger family]-capture that special memory and tangibly keep it for years ahead to savor. All those countless “little” memories, that, when put together, form a story—a story of a life. Again,it is that important. Thus, Littlehoots, once a dream, is now a reality for Lacey Thomas Ellis—she is living her “why”.  This is a calling, a blessing, and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to be able to be a part of this “why”, helping her and her small but mighty team of amazing co-founders [yes YOU Kim, Wade and Stephanie, Jeff and August] realize this dream and move it ahead—and yes—you can be a part of that dream.


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