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29 Sep


The Spotlight Is On

September 29, 2015 | By |

Rosemary. Jarot. Hana, Lucas, Jonah, Lila and Ezra. Meet the Gustin family. Every so often, we at LittleHoots begin seeing family threads of not only funny, wise and witty things that specific kiddos say, but their parents as well. These interactions between parents and their little ones can be lol funny, taking the app to a whole new level. Right out of the gate, we pegged the Gustin clan as a perfect example of such a family, using the LittleHoots app to weave their families’ story—one that they would have to look back on and “hoot” about for years to come.

Little Lila Gustin was one unique little girl who first caught our attention—her mom Rosemary was posting a multitude of amazingly memorable “hoots” while in conversation with her daughter.We quickly realized that it was not only Lila’s hoots that were cracking us up, but those  of mama Rosemary’s other kiddos as well—not to mention the daddio, Jarot. This is one fun and funny family who has truly found a unique and thoughtful [read FUNNY] way to tell their story. Five children might seem like a lot, but I’m still hoping they will adopt me.

 I would love to share a couple of my personal faves, as immortalized by the Gustins while using the LittleHoots app.