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15 Sep


The Power of Two

September 15, 2015 | By |

LittleHoots Techweek Blog

Two might not seem like a number of significance to you guys, but when you consider that two team members from LittleHoots have made this year’s Techweek 100 list, the number two takes on epic proportions.

Lacey Ellis, Founder and CEO, and Dan Stifter, Advisor/Consultant have both been recognized as leaders in the emerging “tech hub” of Kansas City, one of the five American cities chosen for this week long series of events celebrating technology and innovation while showcasing the local community of entrepreneurs, visionaries and innovators.

This is a big deal.

The fact that Kansas City is being seen as the “Silicon Valley” of the midwest, and that two members of the “little startup that could”, (A.K.A. LittleHoots) is homegrown in said “Valley” speaks volumes for the future of our memory-keeping platform as well as our city.

The Techweek mission is about “building a better world through tech entrepreneurship. We bring together fledgling startups, emerging growth companies, and the titans of technology”. Whoa. Pretty lofty ideal, but one that is being well-played by Lacey and Dan.

The methodology for choosing the Techweek 100 is the same in each of the five host cities and is consistent each year. There are five qualities that are sought in each of the candidates being considered for the list: originality, prominence, growth, gumption and pertinence. Under the gumption label, read —“courage and drive led them to navigate their company through the startup world and continue to push to achieve a major goal”—that, my friends, is Lacey Ellis. The world of startups is hard…really hard.

Lacey, a former Art Director at a local Ad agency, has worked her b*** off to bring her dream of creating a Memory Keeping Platform to fruition…and she’s just getting started…you know, one step forward, five steps back; three baby-steps forward, half-a-giant-leap back…you get my drift. Passion, determination, glass half full, sacrifices left and right—Yep. Lacey.

Under the pertinence label, read— “their leadership has a public impact in the growth of their technological ecosystem”—meet Dan Stifter. Dan, a top-notch mentor/partner in the BetaBlox Business Incubator and Accelerator, has become an advisor for LittleHoots—simply because he believes—in us, in the mission of the LittleHoots ecosystem—that’s huge.

Dan, a former Senior Executive for both Coca-Cola North America and Hallmark Cards, Inc. is now becoming a sought after thought leader where his “thoughts” are needed most—like LittleHoots. Dan has applied his business acumen and emotional intelligence to our small but mighty team by helping us navigate the often muddy waters of not only how to sell an idea, but also how to make it work “better”. Dan the man.

So there you have it—In the midst of the excitement generated by the start of Techweek KC next week, the LittleHoots “power of two” will shine. Give a hoot!