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17 Nov


Meet the Lipinski’s

November 17, 2015 | By |

As the LittleHoot’s elves [Mama Hoot, Lacey Ellis and me, Intern Hoot] prepare the workshop and gear up to put together the inaugural round of books you guys have ordered, we have been surprised and delighted to see [in many cases for the first time], all of the wonderful memories that have been captured by y’all. What better way to wrap up the year than to create a book of those special and magical moments with your families [and friends!] that might otherwise be forgotten over time?
That being said, the other day we elves were stopped in our tracks by the memory tiles created by Lidia Donajczyk-Lipinska of her family—“Mama”, “Tata”, and baby Bruno, aka the Lipinski Family. Here is the first one we saw.
2015-11-08 16.23.45
Amazing, yes?!? Not only is the photo beautiful, but the approach that Mama and Tata have taken to create their book is a unique and innovative way to welcome Sir Bruno into the world, and particularly into his parent’s hearts. We elves were wowed as we saw the rest of the selections made for their book which consisted of hopes and wishes not only from the parents, but from family and friends as well. Of course baby Bruno, born in June of this year, doesn’t have much to say at this point, so the whole idea of quotes and conversations for the Lipinski’s has morphed into a series of beautiful messages and photos for him to savor when the time comes.
As you can see from the different [from English] language used in some of the tiles [which Mama and Intern took an embarrassingly long time to figure out was Polish], we knew that this was one special family with one special story. Intrigued, we reached out to them to see if they might share a bit of their journey. Mama Lidia could not have been more gracious when contacted by us.
2015-11-08 16.23.23 2015-11-08 16.24.10
Imagine this—Far away, in the land called Poland, there lived across the street from each other, two teenagers, Lidia and Bartosz. Not only were they neighbors, they were also friends. Their friendship grew, and before too much time had passed, they became engaged. They married, becoming husband and wife—and more recently, gave birth, becoming parents, becoming a family. Introducing Mom Lidia, Dad Bartosz and Beautiful Baby Boy Bruno. A real life fairy-tale you might say.
2015-11-08 16.24.41 2015-11-08 16.24.26
As if Poland were not an exotic enough location in which to settle down, this enthusiastic, independent  and adventuresome couple has kept on the move—5 years in Warsaw, 3 years in London, a year in New York and now a year [so far] in Chicago. Oh, and when I say “adventuresome”, they take the meaning of the word to a whole new level—traveling the world is part of their “normal” routine. Name a country—they have been there. Cambodia, Myanmar, Machu Picchu, Peru [while six months pregnant!], and Bogota,Columbia to name a few. I see a travel book in their future. [smiley face] I feel certain that Baby Bruno will be a world traveler before he can talk.
LidiaLipinska 2015-11-08 16.23.27
These kinds of stories are truly what brings life, light and purpose to LittleHoots—we have loved getting a little glimpse into the life of the Lipinski family.  With their book, they truly will have an incredible legacy of memories that will be a part of theirs, Bruno’s [and any other future “Brunos”] history as time goes by and they live out their “Happily-Ever-After”.
So. Here’s the deal. You, yes, YOU too can order your very own LittleHoots book for the holidays. From now through November 30th Just DO it. Now. Hoot! Hoot!