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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If you have questions about our critical update in January of 2017, you can find answers here.

Whether you’re a parent or someone with a great kid in your life, LittleHoots will help you appreciate the little everyday moments. Here’s our elevator pitch to explain what we’re all about.

What is Little Hoots?

LittleHoots is a memory-keeping platform that helps you keep all your kid moments in one place, style them in seconds and share them with your inner circle.

How do I follow a kid?

You can only keep up with kids that you’ve been invited to see. We bet if you ask nicely, your friends and family will add you to your favorite kids’ circles.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It’s free! If you want to give us money, though, we won’t stop you: You can level up your LittleHoots experience by buying premium design packs and ordering tangible, custom keepsakes like books, pillows and more.

How do I create a digital memory box for my kid?

Sign up for a LittleHoots account. After you’re inside the app, select “Kids” under the “My People” menu. Tap “Add a Kid” to set up his or her profile. Then start filling up that digital memory box by uploading photos and videos and creating memories with our Creation Engine.TM

How do I share memories with close family and friends?

Administrators of a kid’s account can send family and friends an invitation to join their inner circle through the app. Simply tap into “My People” from the main menu. From there, you can add whomever you like. The first few steps set them up as someone who can be quoted or tagged. The last few steps are optional, but that’s where you tell us where to send the invitation to.

My partner and I both joined LittleHoots and both set up accounts for our kid, but we can’t see each other’s memories. Why not?

You over-achievers, you. You actually created two separate digital memory boxes for your kid. For now, we suggest using having one partner invite the other partner and focus on one memory box. We don’t have a way to “merge” memory boxes just yet, but we’re trying to figure that out. (CAUTION!: If the second person deletes their copies of the child, those child’s memories will no longer appear in LittleHoots)

How is sharing within Little Hoots different than on social media?

Admins—the parents and/or caretakers in charge of a kid’s account—have control over whether to keep a memory private, share with a kid’s circle, post to social media, allow circle members to post the memory to social media, or share with the wider LittleHoots community on our HootStream. You control how each memory is shared and who is keeping up with your kid(s): that inner circle is invite-only!

What’s this HootStream you keep talking about?

The HootStream is a real-time stream of hilarious and heart-warming shared memories (hoots) created by LittleHoots users. Because some things are just too wonderful to keep to yourself. All HootStream memories are anonymous, so you can share without worry. And only admins can add a kid’s memory to the HootStream. You decide what you want to share with all LittleHoots users and what you want to keep inside your circle—or just for yourself. Please keep in mind that any memory shared on the HootStream can be reshared by another adoring LittleHoots user to social media.

What’s the difference between a private, a shared and a HootStream memory?

Only the creator and their fellow administrators can view a private memory. A shared memory can be seen by anyone the admins have invited to be in the kid’s inner circle. If the creator/admin designates a memory as public, it will be featured in the our public HootStream, where anyone can view and share it.

Isn’t sharing a memory in the HootStream dangerous?

We’re serious about privacy—for our kids and yours. When you share a memory in the HootStream, we strip out all identifying information about you, the creator/admin, and your kid, making your public memory anonymous.

I want to keep up with a really funny kid I’m seeing on the HootStream. How do I do that?

Unless you know and are invited by the kid’s parents/admins, you can’t. We are committed to protecting the privacy of all of our really funny (and wise and sweet and talented) kids.

What makes you different than other memory keeping apps out there?

A few things, thanks for asking! LittleHoots helps you capture not only photos and videos, but all the word-centric memories you have with your kids. Our Creation EngineTM lets you apply a design to quotes, conversations and stories in seconds. Then we make it really easy to share those memories with your inner circle. Our in-app HootStream is a way to safely share the sweetest, funniest, craziest kid memories with our whole community. Final important detail: We were founded by a mom who wanted a better way to keep and share those special, everyday kid moments. We think she succeeded!