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09 Feb


Vote on Design Packs

February 9, 2017 | By |

(FREE) design packs are coming… but which ones?

We were super sad we were only able to include four design packs with the critical update we had in January. Since the designs from the original app aren’t compatible with the updated app, we’re working on building up our design offerings again.

And we’ve got a million ideas. Cast your vote for your favorite below so we know what you think is worth working on! (Pick carefully! You can only vote once.)

Backgrounds and frames made with bright crayons
Sparkly backgrounds and elegant borders
Graphic, bold colors in halftone patterns

27 Jan


A Critical App Update

January 27, 2017 | By |

A new and improved version of LittleHoots is launching today. First and foremost, if your phone isn’t set to auto-update, take a second to do three important things before you upgrade:

Style and save any “drafts” you have.

Double check your Relationships

Make a note of your login ID

Step-by-step instructions for each are listed below.

So what’s so critical about this update? In short—due to circumstances completely out of our control— we found out the very foundation of the original LittleHoots app is vanishing. Completely.

We’ve got plenty of notice, so we’ve spent the last year (and change) completely focused on  rebuilding LittleHoots.  We had to start right back at square one, but we took the opportunity to re-imagine how we could help parents capture those precious everyday moments.

The “vision” we’ve had has always included more than the app you’ve come to know, and with this update, more of that vision has is now a reality.  We have more planned for the future, but for now, we’ll share the new features you’ll find:

  • Entirely rebuilt from the ground up! New Interface design, iPad support
  • Three new memory types: capture stories, upload photos or videos
  • The ability to edit memories (created with LittleHoots 2.0 and later) after they’re saved
  • A private network! Invite a spouse to contribute, or close family and friends to keep up with the kids
  • An in-app community feed for memories too-good-not-to-share
  • All new design packs with improved options for design customization
  • Photo filters for pictures uploaded to quotes, conversations or stories


We have more planned for the future, and as always, we love to hear your ideas too. (Just drop us an email)

Step-by-step instructions

Style and save any “drafts” you have.

Drafts are going away and you won’t be able to access them in the new version, so finish them up.

  1. Go to the main menu in the app (upper left corner).
  2. If the first icon has a little number by it, then tap it and style any memories you want to keep.
  3. If there’s no number by the “Drafts” icon, you’re good to go.
Double check your relationships.

In the new version, we’re separating adults from kids, but we don’t have enough information to automatically convert everything *perfectly* for you.

  1. Go to the main menu in the app (upper left corner).
  2. Open up settings, then “My People”.
  3. If a child appears in the “Others” section, temporarily change them to family relationship (a child, grandchild, or niece/nephew) even if they’re not one of those things. Once the new app comes out, you can change the relationship to what it really is.
Make a note of your login ID.

We get a LOT of emails that come down to forgotten user IDs and when you update to the new app, you’ll automatically get logged out.

  1. Go to the main menu in the app (upper left corner).
  2. Open up settings, then tap “me”.
  3. If your “Login Information” section is blank, it means you connected through Facebook. (Don’t bother adding an email address) If your email address is there, it means you manually created an account and that email address is your user ID.

Also know:

None of the design packs in the current app are compatible with the new app. Everything you’ve styled will be saved just like it is, but you won’t be able create new memories with them once we switch over.  We’ve got all new (free) design packs ready to go and we’ll be adding more every month. If you’ve purchased premium packs, we’ll automatically be giving you a credit to use towards packs in the future. (We expect to release new premium packs in March)

17 Oct


LittleHoots gets BIGger…

October 17, 2014 | By |


We here in the land of LittleHoots like to think BIG. In fact, several of us recently attended the second “Big Kansas City” conference brought to our metro area by the Silicon Prairie News. According to their website, “Big Kansas City is: Founders, designers, developers, investors and the like converging on the Midwest for two and a half days sharing ideas, co-creating experiences, and inspiring altered landscapes”

photo 5As part of “the like”, LittleHoots can also claim to have founded a company, designed a brand-spanking-new mobile app, developed a platform for Memory Keeping, and invested lots and LOTS of time, hard work, energy and passion to bring this dream of Lacey Thomas Ellis to fruition. During the conference time,we shared the idea of LittleHoots with many, we co-created experiences by connecting and telling stories with people who had been strangers to us before the conference, and most importantly, we altered our own LittleHoots landscape by gaining much needed clarity of vision and priorities, topped off with a new found sense of urgency to raise our own high bar.

I love how this description of Big KC has no punctuation at the end—no period. I feel sure that this was intentional, giving attendees the sense that we only limit our own possibilities by thinking we are done, that we have arrived where we want to be—that’s the thing about possibilities—they are endless, one step leading to another.

So. Wide awake, coffee, phones and notebooks in hand we listened to a wide and totally diverse group of doers and thinkers, ranging from robot makers to world class drummers—yep drummers, as in “playing the drums”. I would just like to point out a couple of highlights from various presenters and share with you how we think they might be things that the LittleHoots team will be considering and hopefully implementing as we navigate into our future.

Some random bullet-point take-a-ways:

“Are you building a great product or a great company?”; “Know that your vision and values matter—and should evolve.” -John Wirtz, co-founder

“A lot of great businesses are started by asking the integral ‘why?’ “; “Entrepreneurs should always be empathetically authentic when it comes to their user base and figuring how to better serve them”; “Empathy for the user is what turns curiosity into a business.” -Shradha Agarwal, cofounder

“There isn’t a single face of entrepreneurship”;  “You must be 100 percent committed to the things you believe in”; “That being said, you must be 110 percent OK with changing everything else outside of what you’re committed to”; “Opportunities don’t come to you, you make them.” Four things that Maxine Bedat, co-founder wished someone had told her before starting a company.

Three marketing truths “that work anywhere”, shared by Anita Newton, marketing guru:

“The biggest lies are the ones you tell yourself—one common ‘big lie’ —thinking you have a good market fit when you don’t.”

“Your marketing team is not a reality show; there is no such thing as viral marketing or silver bullets to solve everything. You must put in actual effort to get results.”

“The scarcest thing on the planet is human attention. You aren’t going to be able to hold this generation’s attention with past tactics. To break through that lack of attention, you must present ideas that are unexpected or create an emotional connection. If you are able to figure out the emotional/universal truths for each of your market segments, your company can do great things.”

Mark Hemeon, co-founder, had many “gems”: “Say yes”; “Show up”; “Hire smarter than you”; “Value emotional intelligence”; “Measure all the things”; “Punch above your weight class” [HA!]; “Use peer reviews”; “Get rid of your ego”; “Be civil”; “Acknowledge that all jobs are hard”—among many others.

Mike Johnston, founder of, not only had a number of unconventional bits of wisdom for the entrepreneur, he also gave a stellar performance on his instrument of choice, a set of drums. “Pave your own way. Do things the way they’re not telling you to do them in the [business] magazines”; “The moment you say ‘I wish’ out loud, you need to act”; “It’s seriously time to rethink your social media approach—FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are each avenues leading to different fan bases”.

photo 2


Good stuff. All, really good stuff—and believe me, only the tip of the iceberg. These “nuggets” of wisdom from some of the best and brightest on the scene may seem a bit heady and disjointed out of context like this, but I feel that it is important to state how “sponge-like” we are at LittleHoots now, as we continue building to make this the “go-to” Memory Keeping Platform for now and years to come. This kind of bigger picture thinking could not have been more timely for our small but mighty team—we have been at it for more than a year and it is time to play with the Big Kids, the winners. This is certainly not to say that we have not been winners—look at all the wonderful Memory Tiles that have been created by you—our users, our fans. We DO, however, need you to keep engaging with the “more than you may realize now” importance of documenting what truly is important—those family moments, priceless memories that once forgotten are gone forever—you know, “Outta sight, outta mind”. There is so much more to be done, and we are poised, at the tip of our own iceberg of possibilities that we will continue to bring to you and the ones you love as LittleHoots evolves. [Insert smiley face here.]

27 Aug


LittleHoots Goes Big [Kansas City] Time!

August 27, 2014 | By |

LittleHoots has some big news to share—Big Kansas City that is! Founder and CEO Lacey Ellis has made the tabloids yet again with an outstanding testimonial for the Kansas City based arm of the yearly event sponsored by the Silicon Prairie News. As Big KC website describes the event, “Big Kansas City is: Founders, designers, developers, investors and the like converging on the Midwest for two and a half days sharing ideas, co-creating experiences, and inspiring altered landscapes”. To quote Forbes magazine, it is “one of the top conferences to attend for entrepreneurs”.

LittleHoots, the “dream big” idea brought to life by our very own Ms. Lacey, has caught the attention once again of Silicon Prairie News, the go-to publication for any news of local cutting edge technology and the entrepreneurial community. The LittleHoots story has been captured in part by SPN in two earlier additions, and this time, the LittleHoots/Big Kansas City connection is explored. The article in full can be read here:

Working closely with Lacey for the last six months, I feel privileged to hear the story first hand—you, know, with out-loud spoken words…?!? Granted, her LittleHoots journey has been a part of her conscious reality since the birth of her first child, Mr. Jett Ellis, the rock-star, four-and-a-half year old who literally became the “spokesperson” for her dream—but it was Big Kansas City that flamed the spark. No shrinking violet, Lacey truly made the lessons she describes in the article her mantra during the Big KC Conference in 2013—and I will say, she has also incorporated these “lessons” into her ongoing leadership of the LittleHoots team, and the implementation of the its mission. A note about the founding team—it was a mere two weeks after Big KC 2013, [where Lacey was encouraged and inspired to take her dream to Startup Weekend], that she met her LittleHoots Co-Founders, Kim, Steph and Wade—at Startup Weekend…!  It is our belief at LittleHoots that some things are just meant to be—[insert smiley face here]

Lacey at Big KC—2013:


I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to to actually attend Big Kansas City 2014 with Lacey this year—what better teacher could a “student” have to get the very most out of the experience??? Stay tuned, we’ve only just begun!

Startup Weekend—2013:


Stephanie Lashley at Big KC before meeting Lacey, Kim and Wade:


Founding Team—2013: