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About us

Telling your family’s story, one hoot at a time.

The story of your child’s life matters to you. We totally get it. Because it matters to us, too.

LittleHoots Founder and CEO Lacey Ellis is a busy mom of two who believed there had to be a better way to do memory-keeping in a mobile world. You know how it is: We capture all those kid moments the best we can with photos and videos on our phones, post-it notes around the house and status updates on-the-go. But these gems get scattered across digital devices, social media, external hard drives and our fridges. Our memories aren’t kept, they’re chaos.

So Lacey created LittleHoots, where our families’ stories finally have a home—a private, organized, easy-to-use home.

Meet the LittleHoots team!



Lacey Ellis, Founder and CEO:

Mom, Art Director, and business-woman extraordinaire. Lacey is on a quest to create things that matter. No interest in settling for second best or ever giving up … Seems to be working. She believes our family stories should be treasured and the process should be easy. Why? Because capturing life’s moments strengthens relationships. Memory keeping will never be the same.


Byron Clymer, CTO:

That’s Chief. Technical. Officer. And yes, he is…chief of all things that the rest of us don’t understand about building new technology. His leadership capabilities are second to none… [whoever “none” is]…so, I guess that makes him first…in our eyes. Boy Scout leader, adventure seeker, Super-Dad.


Jeff Glasco, Advisor:

Advisor? Not a very sexy title, right? How about Super Advisor, the latest and greatest business-savvy  superhero to be found in any comic book—or, more appropriately, any cutting-edge business journal. Husband, father, master of cuisine. Need advice on how to run a business? Need to dominate an excel spreadsheet? Need someone who can find all the reasons ideas will work? See Jeff—he’s the one. Just don’t put mustard on his sandwich.


Dan Stifter, Advisor:

Yep. We have not just one, but two awesome-sauce advisors. Fresh from the world of life in large corporations, Sir Daniel leads the pack with a level of knowledge and thoughtfulness of how things and teams should work.  If “A”– then “B”–now –and only Now consider “C”. Everyone should have a Dan on their team. You guessed it: He’s Dan. The Man.