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Privacy Policy

Last Updated Effective: September 4, 2020



You matter to us. And so does your privacy. We won’t share the memories you record through our services unless you either give us permission or when it is necessary to share information with our third party partners that help us directly provide you the Services. Your stuff is your stuff! We promise. Please review this Privacy Policy for details regarding how we use and share the information and memories you provide while using our Services.


We respect the privacy of our users and are committed to collecting, maintaining and securing their private information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy describes the information that LittleHoots collects and how it’s used and shared by users of our Services. Note that any capitalized terms not defined in this Privacy Policy have the meanings set forth in our Terms of Use. If you don’t agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use, you may not access or use the Services. If you have any comments or questions about this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at


Our Services give parents a home for all of the memories they capture of their children, and family as they go about their daily lives ranging from quotes, conversations, stories, photos, videos to audio memories (collectively, the “Content”). Your Content can be stored privately, shared with a limited group of people which are invited by you, or shared with the public through the “HootStream” or through social media.


When you create an account we may collect certain personally identifiable information, like your name, email address and phone number (and you may provide other personally identifiable information, such as your address, if you purchase goods from us (collectively, “Personal Data”) as well as information that is not personally identifiable, including information such as a user’s design preferences, engagement value of certain Content, significance of certain Content to certain types of users, and key words used in Content or any other information that does not personally identify you (“Non-Personal Data”). If Non-Personal Data is stored or associated with Personal Data then we will treat it in the same manner as Personal Data. “Data” refers to your Personal Data, Non-Personal Data, and Content that you provide through the Services. The principal types of Data that we collect include:

  • Your Account Information: This includes the types of Personal Data outlined above and any other profile information you may include in your profile or account.
  • Your Children’s Information: We will request and collect from you the name(s) of your child(ren), their age(s), gender(s) and relationship(s) to you and anyone you invite and Content that may identify your child(ren). We use this information to facilitate your use of the Services and to send you customized updates and information about our products and services. When this data is maintained in a manner that permits identification of a specific child or family, we will treat such data as Personal Data and protect it as required by law but please be aware that we may use aggregated, non-identifiable information about your child(ren) for LittleHoots’ marketing and business purposes as disclosed herein.
  • Payment Information: When you initially provide or update your payment information, we transmit it via an encrypted connection to our payment processor. Our payment processor uses and processes your payment information in accordance with their privacy policy(ies). We don’t store your payment information provided through our payment processor except as required by law.
  • Content and Files You Provide Us: When you use the Services, we store, process and transmit your Content (such as your photos) and metadata information related to your Content (see below). We process and store such files and information in order to provide the Services and for other purposes as set forth herein.
  • Content Metadata: Metadata is consists of data that is associated with your Content. For example, Metadata can describe how, when and by whom a piece of your Content was collected and how that content is formatted. You can add or may have Metadata added to your Content including a hashtag (e.g., to mark keywords when you post a photo), comments or other data.
  • Location Data: LittleHoots will request access to your location information and you may toggle location on or off for individual moments you post. If you include location information with any content, the location may be shared with other users in the same manner as the underlying content is shared. We may use this information to customize and help identify and locate your Content, customize, improve and protect the Services, to facilitate our marketing efforts and for our general business purposes. For example, we may use your location information to determine local language preferences, or to geotag a post.
  • Communications With Us: When you send us emails or other communications, such as customer support inquiries, we maintain those communications and their contents so that we can resolve your inquiries or otherwise assist you and for our general business purposes.
  • Public Comments On The Services: We maintain any comments, contributions to discussions or messages submitted to users of the Services, in order to provide the Services and for our general business purposes.
  • Contacts and Address Book: To help you invite family & friends to keep up with your kids, LittleHoots may request access to your contacts. We will not initiate communications with your contacts except as authorized by you.
  • Third Party Account Credentials: If you use any third party services, such as social media or photo-sharing services, you may provide us with your third party services account information, such as your username or other credentials. We transmit, and may store, such account information as needed to provide the Services.
  • Third Party Account Content: When you link a third-party service, like Facebook, we may collect and store information and data that you have provided to that third-party service, and consented to having shared with LittleHoots. We may use this third-party information to help you connect with friends and family. In order to backup your content and make it available to those people and networks you choose to share with, we store the content you share on LittleHoots. We may also give you the option to take content saved on third-party services and transfer it to LittleHoots.
  • Device Identifiers: When you use a mobile device to access our Services, we may access, collect, monitor, store on your device, and/or remotely store one or more “device identifiers.” Device identifiers are small data files or similar data structures stored on or associated with your mobile device, which uniquely identify your mobile device. A device identifier may be data stored in connection with the device hardware, data stored in connection with the device’s operating system or other software, or data sent to the device by LittleHoots.
  • Analytics, Cookies, and Similar Technologies: Like many online services, we use analytics and cookies to improve our services. We use third-party tools, like Google Analytics and Flurry, to automatically record information about your browser and device type. We also use cookies (snippets of code that are stored by your browser) to enable us to recognize your browser on return visits and to help us better understand how and when users interact with LittleHoots services. A cookie is a small file that resides on your computer, mobile phone, or other device, and allows us to recognize you when you return to the Sites using the same computer and web browser. You can remove or block cookies using the settings in your browser, but in some cases doing so may impact your ability to use the Services.


You are in control of what Personal Data and Content gets shared with others through our Services. We will not share or sell your Personal Data or Content that identifies you without your permission except as set forth herein. You may grant permission for LittleHoots to share certain Personal Data or Content by selecting the appropriate option within the Services related to such Personal Data or Content, by affirmative correspondence with us, or if you share Content on our HootStream or through external social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Please keep in mind that once Content is shared publicly or to a third-party service, we no longer have any control over who can view the shared Content or what information is gathered by other people or services. LittleHoots is not responsible for the compromise of any invited viewer’s email account in any case or such user LittleHoots account credentials due to the fault of such user which may allow unintended third parties to view your content.

When you choose to share Content on the HootStream in any case or through external social media and include the hashtag littlehoots (i.e.: including the phrase or tag “#littlehoots” when you share the content, regardless whether prior to or after the effective date of this Privacy Policy) (“Shared Content”), you thereby authorize us to reshare such Shared Content in the following manner: LittleHoots may reshare Shared Content on its Services (such as the HootStream), on communications or other channels related to the Services, or any external social media channel that LittleHoots controls (including channels on social networks different from the original source). When possible, we will tag the original source so viewers know we are resharing the Shared Content. 

You also grant a nonexclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, unlimited, assignable, sublicenseable, fully paid up and royalty-free right to reproduce, prepare derivative works from, distribute, display, perform, publish, remove, retain, add, process, and analyze, your Shared Content, in any way now known or in the future discovered, without any further consent, notice and/or compensation to you or to any third parties in connection with (1) our online or offline advertising and promotional efforts (2) licensing and commercialization opportunities (including merchandising and other product usage) or (3) otherwise in connection with our provision of the Services (e.g., weekly or monthly quote roundups of highlighted Shared Content on platforms including the Huffington Post, Today Show, etc.). Merchandising may include physical and/or virtual products (including but not limited to calendars, books, mugs, t-shirts, clothing, key rings, pillows, bags, drink ware, coasters, flags, ornaments, magnets, canvas, holiday ornaments, etc.) to be offered for sale by LittleHoots or third party sellers, including sublicensing to LittleHoots’ brand partners for printing, publishing, and other commercialization including but not limited to on their products and used to promote their brand, products and/or services outside of  LittleHoots’ service. (e.g., tissue boxes, milk cartons or cereal boxes, etc.).

The HootStream is the public feed within the Services which allows users to share content with the LittleHoots community and the general public. Any LittleHoots user can view the HootStream via the app. Any person visiting our website or viewing our social media channels can also see content shared on the public HootStream. When a user chooses to make Content public, we will do our best to share it an appropriate manner, however, it can be reshared and once a third-party reshares, it is out of our control.


LittleHoots will use your Personal Data to provide you the Services. Non-Personal Data will be used to enhance your user experience and for other business purposes as set forth herein. Non-Personal Data may also be used in an aggregated manner to allow us to identify specific insights and trends about certain topics. This aggregated insights data may be transferred or sold to third parties for their respective business purposes, provided that your Personal Data will not be included with any such transferred data without your express written permission in each instance.

LittleHoots also uses certain third parties to help us provide, improve, promote and protect the Services. For example, we may use third parties to help us provide customer support, manage our ads on other sites or assist with data storage. These third parties may access, process or store your Data to perform tasks only for the purposes we’ve authorized. We also may share with other third parties aggregated or anonymized information that does not directly identify you. If we’re involved in a reorganization, merger, acquisition or sale of our assets, your Data, including your Personal Data, may be transferred as part of that transaction but otherwise your Personal Data will not be sold by LittleHoots.


The Services may contain links to other websites and services provided by third parties. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites. We may allow third-party advertisers to place ads on the Services. These third-party advertisers may use cookies or similar technologies to help present the advertisements to you or to help measure the effectiveness of their advertisements. Some advertisers may use cookies to serve ads based on your visits to the Sites and other websites on the Internet. The use of such technologies is subject to the privacy policies of the third-party advertisers and is not covered by this Privacy Policy. As a result, if you respond to any such third-party advertisers by clicking on the advertisements and/or visiting their websites or the websites of any other third party, be sure you evaluate their privacy policies before providing them any of your information. To opt-out of a third party’s use of cookies, you must visit such third party’s website and follow its specified opt-out procedures. You can opt out of some, but not all, third-party advertiser cookies through the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out website, located at You may block all cookies by following the instructions applicable to your browser at


We may permit third party brand sponsors to sponsor or promote individual pieces of your Shared Content. Generally, these promotion efforts will be targeted at Shared Content on the HootStream that relates to or involves topics related to the sponsor’s products or services. In such cases, the brand sponsor will not have access to any Personal Data related to your Shared Content unless you have shared such information as part of sharing the Shared Content.


We use a variety of commercially reasonable security technologies to protect your Personal Data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. However, the use of such security technologies is not, and should not be considered to be, any guarantee or warranty by us that your Personal Data will not be accessed by third parties, or that we will use all available security technologies to prevent unauthorized access to, use, or disclosure of your Personal Data. There is no guarantee that your Personal Data may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, intercepted or destroyed by a breach of any of our security technologies. In the event of any breach of Personal Data you will be notified as required by law. It is your responsibility to protect the security of your login information. Please note that emails, instant messaging, and similar means of communication with other users of the Services are inherently insecure, and we strongly advise you to not disclose any confidential information through these means.


To modify or delete the Personal Data, log into the Services and update your profile. To the extent required by law, we’ll provide you with a copy of your Personal Data that we maintain upon request. This request may be subject to a fee to the extent permitted by law. We may retain your Data, including personally identifiable information, following a request for removal if we believe it may be necessary to prevent fraud or future abuse, or for legitimate business purposes, such as analysis of aggregated, non-personally identifiable data, account recovery, or if required by law. We may also retain and use your Data if necessary to provide the Services to other users. Similarly Data you have shared with others, or that other users have copied, may also remain visible or under the control of such users. We disclaim any liability in relation to the deletion or retention (subject to the terms herein) of Data or any obligation not to delete any Data. We do not control when search engines update their cache, which may contain certain public profile information that has been removed from our publicly viewable database.


If a user shares something inappropriate on the HootStream, we will do our best to remove the content expeditiously, however, we are not liable for any offensive or inappropriate content shared on our HootStream.


The Services are intended for use by parents to share memories about their children with other adults. All content provided to LittleHoots about children under the age of 13 is provided with parental consent in compliance with applicable law and because it’s the right thing to do. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13. If you are under 13, do not use the Services. If we learn that we have collected or received any personal information from a child under 13 other than in accordance with law, we will delete that information.


Data that you submit through the Services may be transferred to countries other than where you live (for example, to our servers located in another country). We also transfer your Data to redundant backup servers around the world to help ensure that your Data will not be lost in the event of equipment failure. We also may store information locally on the devices you use to access the Services. We also may transfer information to third parties outside your home country or the United States for processing or to support the Services.


If we are required by law, it may be necessary to provide access to your information and content.


When we update this document from time to time, and will notify you by posting the most current version on our site at and in the most recent release of our mobile applications. Any use of the Services following any update shall indicate your consent to the revised privacy policy and all information previously or subsequently provided to LittleHoots shall be governed by such updated privacy policy.