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The January 2017 Critical Update

If you’ve logged in lately, you’ve noticed things look really different.

Why did you have to go change everything?

After spending three years of building the app, we were were faced with a decision. Because of some things —completely and entirely out of our control— we had to choose between closing down LittleHoots completely or starting over and rebuilding it…from scratch.

We chose to rebuild.

And we used all the feedback from the past two years to help shape it. We admit, we didn’t get everything quite right by the time we HAD to update, but we hope you’ll be patient as we keep rebuilding and improving it.  (And if you’re interested in helping us test out new features, let us know!)

What if I liked the original version, just the way it was?

If you want, you can keep using this new version exactly the way you used the original app. If you never have us invite anyone, you’ll continue to be the sole creator and curator of your child’s digital memory box. (We’re planning on adding some preferences so you can hide certain feeds you never want to see.) That said, we think you’ll like some of these new features if you give them a shot.

What if I can’t remember my login?

We’re all a little forgetful sometimes. Give it your best shot. First try logging in with your email address. If we don’t recognize your address, perhaps you logged in with Facebook Connect. If you try both of those things and still can’t get it to work, go ahead and contact us.

I’m getting an “authentication error” when I try to use Facebook Connect. What’s wrong?

Double check the email address you entered and your password. If they’re not the same as what you’re currently using for Facebook, it won’t work. If all that matches up and you’re still having trouble, go ahead and contact us.

I just logged in and all my memories are gone!

First, take a deep breath. We pinky-swear your memories aren’t gone.  As far as we know, we haven’t lost a single memory to date, and we sure don’t plan to start losing any now. If you’re not seeing any of your information, chances are you accidentally created a second account. Go ahead and contact us so we can delete the extra account and reunite you with your memories.

What happened to the design packs in the original app?

The short answer? We had to retire all of them. (We know…We’re super bummed we had to launch with so few design packs, too.) The truth of the matter is this: Because of some stuff in the technology world that was completely and entirely out of our control, the original app was metaphorically bulldozed at the end of January 2017. We had advance notice, so we spent a year rebuilding the app from scratch, but the old packs were simply not compatible with the new version. We’re definitely working on new design packs, both free and premium. We think you’re going to love the brand new premium packs, created with everything we learned from you and other uses of the original app.

No fair! I purchased a premium design pack in the original app.

Since the packs aren’t compatible with the new app, we decided to issue in-app credits you can use for NEW premium design packs. (We’re hoping to release our first premium packs in early April.) We’ll automatically give you those credits– you won’t have to do anything.

What happened to my old memories?

All of your memories are there. If you think some are missing, please contact us so we can get you reunited.

Where are drafts?

Now that memories can be edited at any time, we didn’t think drafts were needed anymore. If you had drafts left in the original version, we’re working on a good way to get them back to you. (We know they’re just as important as the ones you styled.)

Who will be able to see the memories I created in the original app?

Just you, until you invite someone to your child’s circle. Memories can never ever be shared to the HootStream by anyone other than a child’s admin.

So what’s the good news?

We did get to add some new features along the way.

  • The most obvious one: the private network, allowing your very closest family (and maybe a couple friends) to keep up with the hilarity.
  • You can go back and edit tiles after they’re saved.
  • Photo filters
  • New memory types: stories, photos and videos.
  • All new design packs! We have a couple available now, but we’ll be adding more every month. (Again, we hope you’ll be patient with us!) If you have an idea for a design pack theme you’d like to see, go ahead and drop us a line.